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About Sports Memorabilia Online - Columbus, GA

Sports Memorabilia Online - Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles based out of Columbus, GA


Sports Memorabilia Online is based out of Midland, Georgia, just outside of Columbus, Georgia.   We realize at Sports Memorabilia Online that we are relatively new to the sports memorabilia business, but be assured that you the customer will always come first.   One thing that you will notice is that we are different from our competitors.   A lot of competitors strictly stick to autographed items such as jersey’s, baseballs, helmets, and pictures for example or their stores focus on a specific team or teams in a certain city or region.   While those are great business ideas, most of those items are too costly for many people or they won’t attract fans from different cities or regions.   Sports Memorabilia Online wants to make sure that everyone can get a piece of sports memorabilia of the team or sport of your choice at a fair and reasonable price.  We want to be your Online Sports Shop!


We take pride in knowing that our product lines are diverse and can meet every sports fan’s needs, whether you are a fan of a team or a player, or whether you are an avid sports memorabilia collector.   It is important to us that every sports fan, can get sports memorabilia that they will enjoy and be excited about.  


Also, at Sports Memorabilia Online, we are excited to have Golf products on our site.   We have some great Golf bags and some beautiful framed pictures.   Another advantage to Sports Memorabilia Online is that we have you covered for Game Day with accessories and tailgating products.  


As Sports Memorabilia Online grows, we will continue to add more products to the site and ensure that the products we do have are always to the highest standards and authenticity.   Our signed merchandise is guaranteed with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be shipped with the product.    We will always carry products of all the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL teams.   We will do our best to have products from as many of the top colleges and universities as we can.   If you would like to see your college added that we don’t have products on, please send us an email at contactus@sportsmemorabiliaonline.com or call us at 1-866-930-2121.


When you are searching for sports memorabilia, just remember Sports Memorabilia Online will have what you want!


About the owner…


Since I was two years old when my parents sat me in front of the television watching Cincinnati Bengals games, it was then that I became a life-long sports fan.   Most of my childhood, I was a die -hard Cincinnati Bengals and Reds fan (loved seeing the Big Red Machine playing at the old Riverfront stadium) even after we moved to Colorado.   Living in Colorado Springs, and as I grew older, I started to shift my loyalties to the teams in Colorado.  We can’t get enough Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, and the Colorado Buffaloes and Air Force Falcons.    My son is as big of sports nut as his Dad (maybe worse…)!    My wife Amy and I now live in Columbus, Georgia with our two great children, Danielle and Garrett.  


Jeff Eisele